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Outdoor clothing

We all know that what we wear (and how often we shop for new clothes) has a major impact on the planet. According to UNECE in 2018, the clothing industry accounted for 10% of global CO2 and 20% of waste water. Whilst the industry is taking steps, there is a lot of work to be done.

As keen lovers of the outdoors who appreciate getting out and about for the many benefits it offers, we’ve chosen to initially focus on the outdoor clothing category. Our analysis shows that the sector is making fast progress, not just with Patagonia being a leading sustainable brand in any sector, but also with sustainability-specialist new entrant brands starting up. Many other brands in the sector also have sustainable product lines or programmes to buy back used clothing. However, a cursory look at the websites of the 10 leading brands shows that sustainability is far from a core part of the customer proposition.

It’s the combination of latent customer demand, growing industry recognition and the presence of a say do gap which means we are looking to make an impact in the outdoor clothing sector.